How to Apply for Study Visa in UK – 2022 Rules

Are you planning to pursue your studies in the United Kingdom (UK).? I guarantee you that it may prove itself your one of the best decisions, but getting a student visa for the UK is pretty challenging. The United Kingdom owns the title of having one of the best new and historic Educational Institutes along with other facilities.

As the majority of rules regarding Student Visa has been changed especially after back to back layers of Corona, so you need to apply keeping in mind the current rules and criteria. In today’s topic, I will try to cover up the whole procedure and requirements to apply for a student visa in the UK (according to new rules).

How to Apply for Student Visa in UK 2022

First, you need to understand the types of Visas for the United Kingdom, this understanding will clear out your confusion regarding choosing the study programs. Let’s have a look,

Types of Student Visa in UK:

There are the following types of Student Visas in UK.

1: Standard Visitor Visa:

Well, this visa offers you a time period of 3 and 6 months. People apply for this visa generally to visit UK for business, tourism, medical treatment and for short term study courses. This visa will cost you approximately 95 Pounds for up to six months.

2: Study Visa of Short Term:

The Short Term Study Visa offers a time period of 11 months. People prefer this visa to complete their short courses of 6 to 11 months like language courses etc. This visa will cost you around 186 pounds for 11 months. Keep in mind that you can’t go with other courses while having one.

3: Student Visa:

Most of the students prefer Student Visa to pursue long-term study programs in the UK. It is actually sponsored by the registered Institue after verification of required financial records and academic documents. This visa also allows working hours to meet expenses.

4: Child Student Visa:

Child Student Visa is offered to those who are under the age of 17 years and want to study in schools level education. It also requires a letter of acceptance by the relevant school, a record of financial support, 348 pounds to apply for a visa from outside the UK and 475 pounds to extend a visa from inside the UK.

Steps to Apply

1: Acceptance Letter:

Getting an acceptance letter is the very first requirement for international students applying for a study visa. UK demands the same, you need to get a letter of acceptance by the institute where you want to take admission. Contact the authorities through their official website or email address and request an acceptance letter. After that, you can fill out the visa application form and apply for visa processing.

2: Financial Support Record:

You are required to provide the complete financial details to authorities, including original bank statements that must have sufficient amounts to meet your living and tuition expenses in the United Kingdom. This verification will take you a step closer to successfully getting approval for a Study visa in the UK. The amount may vary from country to country and currency to currency, so check out the official website to stay in touch with the latest updates.

3: Language Proficiency Tests:

Well, you must own a strong grip over the English Language in terms of speaking, listening and writing. You may need a certificate of Language Proficiency Test ( depends on the country to country and institute to institute ). Normally people follow ILETS certification to fulfil the requirements. So before applying and keep your certification prepared accordingly.

4: Medical Clearance:

Medical Clearance is not the new rule for international students. But after the pandemic, students need to go through certain medical tests and procedures. You need to be medically fit before entering the UK, so keep in mind these medical tests and clearance while applying for the study visa in the UK.

5: Documents Needed:

  • Valid Passport (not near to expiry)
  • Visa application form
  • Passport Size Photgraphs
  • Receipts of Paid Fee
  • Proof of Financial Support ( Bank Statement )
  • Complete and Verified Academic Record
  • Complete Medical test reports
  • Financial Sponser Written Agreement ( if needed )
  • Police Clearance Certificate

If you need any further information regarding the Study Visa of the UK, leave a comment in the section below. We will try to respond to your queries on a priority basis.

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