How to Apply for Student Visa in China – Complete Guide

The rapidly growing economy of China has opened up so many opportunities for people whether they are coming to the country for business, studies or whatever. They are warmly welcomed.

While if we talk specifically about the Education System of China, it has reached the recommended standards pretty fast in recent years by implementing a new research system & upgraded facilities.

In today’s topic, we will discuss the procedures and methods to apply for a student visa in China. We have covered the topic step by step in detail, so don’t miss any step and follow the same. Let’s move forward,

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Student Visa in China 2022

1: Types of Chinese Student Visa

Well, there are 2 types of Visa the authorities issue to international students. It includes X1 & X2 Visa, where X1 is issued to students who have their stay in China from 6 months to 1 year.

While the X2 Visa is issued to those students, who prefer to stay in China for less than 6 months. Each type has its own features and impact according to the course criteria students want to go with.

2: Acceptance Letter From Cheinese University

Before you apply for Visa processing, you need to decide the Institute or University where you want to study for your degree program. Visit this link to get a list of the best universities.

When you choose the University, contact their officials and request an acceptance letter. You can contact the authorities through the website, email address or phone number.

3: How to Apply for Chinese Student Visa

Well, there are 2 methods to apply for a Chinese Student Visa, it depends on your region and the country you belong to. If you belong to the EU and other related countries, then apply through this link.

While if you belong to countries other than the mentioned above, then you can approach the Chinese Embassy and Consulate in your respective country. They will assist you accordingly well.

You need to make an appointment with the embassy and make sure to keep all the required documents with you and follow in detail all the relevant steps and criteria for a Visa application.

4: Documents Required for Visa

  • Visa Application Form
  • Paid Receipt of Visa Application Fee
  • Acceptance Letter from University (Both Origional & Copy)
  • Original and Updated Passport
  • Passport Sized Photograph (Two)
  • Residence Permit of Current Country
  • Air Tickets Copy and Accomodation Details
  • Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Character Clearance Certificate

5: Language Requirement for Chinese Student Visa

If we talk specifically about the required language certifications in order to get the approval for a Chinese Study Visa, you may need one of ILETS, TOEFL or PTE Academic. (Not for All)

NOTE: Language certification requirement depends on the country to country and course to course. So, make sure to confirm your requirements from relevant departments before applying for a Visa.

6: Working Hours on Student Visa

Students along with their studies can also go for Part-Time Jobs in China. But they need to follow relevant policies and criteria accordingly like approval from the host University or Institute.

After getting the letter of approval, you can seek part-time jobs in your relevant area. It will meet a portion of your living and study expenses in China, as China is a big market for job seekers.

7: Processing Time For Chinese Student Visa

Well, the processing time for Student Visa in China will obviously take less time than any other country. The working system in China is pretty fast, efficient and professional.

It will hardly take one to two weeks and you will receive updates regarding your Visa acceptance or rejection. But still, keep in mind to apply for Visa 3 months before your entry into China.

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I hope the topic remained informational for our readers. Do share your feedback in the comments section below with us. Stay connected for getting information about the Student Visas of other Countries.

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